Hello, I am Christian Solorzano,

and I am a graphic designer, I make experimental films, write about things that inspire me, and I question everything around me.

I am often found reading, taking photographs, studying, running, listening to music, and playing with my dog.
All at the same time.


In Plato's Cave / Publication

Publication Design Course at DePaul University | Spring 2014

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In Plato's Cave is an essay by Susan Suntag, where she talks about photography and its impact on contemporary society. Although, the essay was written before digital cameras, the essay is still relevant today. The objective was to create a rational and expressive layout. My approach was to focus on photography and its role on society. Right now with the constant use of social media, everybody is taking the role of the photographer and the meaning of photography is shifting. My choice of photography was photographs by the English photographer, Richard Billingham. His work speaks to me and I believe that it stands beside Instagram photos and contemporary social media posts.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design Course at DePaul University | Winter 2015

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As part of my packaging design course at DePaul University, we were given a brief to design a tea package for an affluent male in his 20s. My approach was to find a way to target men who wish to purchase a tea that will make them feel good about their selection and allow them to embrace their masculinity. I represented this by creating a package that emphasizes the characteristics associated with strength which in this case is a samurai warrior. The images wrap around the box and the color choices are extracted from the photographs themselves. Working on this was challenging and fun, I look forward to doing more packaging design in the future.

DePaul University's College of Computing & Digital Media View Book

Publication Course at DePaul University | Spring 2014

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DePaul University's College of Computing & Digital Media, is a college that has a diverse and broad graduate program. As part of a publication design class, we were asked to re-design the current view book. With the focus on the graduate program, I understood that the target audience is people who are already working professionals or are interested in improving their skills. I found that it was important to have a convincing neutral approach that respects the target audience's previous education. The design choices were all part of my choice to respect the backgrounds of the audience and their level of education.

Book Jacket Design

Personal Book Designs | 2012-Present


We are told to never judge a book by its cover and this applies to many things but when we are speaking of books, the thought behind book design is always very important, at least from my point of view. A book cover must compliment the author's work. It must reflect the content and ideas expressed within the author's hard work. One of my favorite designers Chip Kidd, says that a successful book cover must make the publisher, public and author happy. I think about that all the time.

Western Recycling

Portfolio Workshop Course at DePaul University | Spring 2014


Ssome companies rely solely on their work, they put little to no importance on their promotion or marketing. Some are lucky enough to make ends meet, all without the help of a designer. This project was made for a recycling company that I briefly worked for. The entire experience was hectic, as hectic as their identity. As part of a school project, I branded them while thinking of all the ways I felt while working there. Here it is.

Kristeen Young Website

Kristeen Young Client

Kristeen Young Website
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Being a huge fan of singer/songwriter Kristeen Young, I decided to redesign her personal website. Together with the aesthetic of her music and visuals, I approached the choices in color, typography, and layout with her in mind.

Chicago Children's Museum window

Chicago Children's Museum | Summer 2013


In the Summer of 2013, I had the opportunity to be a graphic design intern at the Chicago Children's Museum. It was a great experience, that allowed me to work closely with a marketing team and a fantastic set of designers. My final project was to create some window displays for the main entrance. Something inviting that would reflect what the museum is all about. My solution was to lay text over eachother and create an art-piece out of individual letterforms. The letters used are taken from the words Chicago Children's Museum. The logo is then laid over the letters to create depth and remain legible to the guests.

Volvo Timeline

Advanced Typography Course at DePaul University | Winter 2013


Typography is what allows us to dress up our thoughts. Choosing an appropriate typeface, modifying the space between characters, building a relationship between our type choice, is all fundamental when creating work that includes text. Being a fan of the automotive company Volvo, I decided to create a typographic timeline of the company's history. Color choice, typeface and format were all created to reflect Volvo's history and simplicity. View full size here.

Morrissey News

Social Media | 2011 - Present

Morrissey News Solorzano

In 2011, out of boredom, I decided to launch a fanpage for singer/songwriter, Morrissey. Being a huge fan of Morrissey's art, I wanted to make sure to connect with other fans and provide their newsfeed with news and information. With little to no experience, Morrissey News was started a few minutes after the idea. 3 years later, Morrissey News has gained a following of 15,000+ followers. Thanks to social media, I've been able to hold contests, giveways and connections with fans across the world. Daily updates are shared via Twitter and Facebook. Currently, there are plans to expand outside social media.

Sprint / Leo Burnett / The One Club

Professional Leo Burnett & The One Club Chicago | July 2nd 2014

Leo Burnett Solorzano Leo Burnett Solorzano

Last year I had the pleasure of being hand-picked to be part of The One Club's, creative boot camp. It was an intense 4 days of work. We were given a project brief by Leo Burnett, then we were placed in groups of 4 people and were asked to create a creative ad campaign for Leo Burnett's client, Sprint and their unlimited data plan on their iPhone. With my group, we came up with a campaign that emphasizes the unlimited data and encourages its users to use Sprint's data to compete with one another for a chance to win prizes. Our campaign was judged by Leo Burnett and out of 14 groups, we made it to the top three and were presented with an award.


Personal and Academic | 2013 - Present

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Graphic designers love to design posters. Posters are an expressive and effective way to illustrate ideas. Posters can be informative, they can be for a social cause, they can promote awareness, they can also let us know about an upcoming event.